New Stanton Territorial Hospital

Recognizing The #ArtistsOfStanton: A Social Media Campaign

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July 23, 2019

As the ribbon fell in two and the sound of drums faded, the NWT officially celebrated the opening of the brand new Stanton Territorial Hospital.

It was a big day – but not just for those who worked to build the rooms or staff the nursing stations.

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For 12 artists, it was also a day where their creative visions became symbols of the diverse stories woven through the territory’s cultural tapestry.

The 11 pieces they created for the hospital were unveiled at the event and are now displayed around the new facility.

Every piece, and every artist, has their own stories – stories which informed what they created, and how they approach their art.

For the next 11 days, we’re sharing those stories on our NWT Arts Facebook page. Each post will have the featured piece, a quote from the artist(s), and a link to their NWT Arts profile.  

It’s an effort to celebrate these artists and their contributions to the facility while shining a light on their creative processes and backgrounds.

It is part of the GNWT’s broader work to promote arts and culture in the Northwest Territories.

The campaign will drive traffic to the NWT Arts’ program profiles for each of these artists – encouraging visitors to peruse the site and find out more about arts in the territory, and where to buy it. 

Follow NWT Arts on Facebook over the next eleven days and help us share the stories of the #ArtistsOfStanton.

The NWT Arts program connects consumers with authentic NWT art products and the artists who create them. From filmmakers and digital creatives, to hide tanners and quillwork mavens, is the source for those looking to know more about the territory’s arts industry. Click here to learn more.