A Snapshot of the Agri-foods Network in the Northwest Territories

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March 3, 2023

From February 23-24, approximately 75 people participated in the first annual Grow NWT conference hosted by the Territorial Agri-foods Association (TAA).

Conference attendees represented all regions of the NWT, Federal and Territorial governments, small business, community-based initiatives, Indigenous governments, and non-governmental organizations.

At the start of the day attendees took the opportunity to share breakfast and conversation while sharing promotional and instructional material regarding their various programs.

ITI’s Manager of Agriculture and Fisheries, Lillith Brook (right), was on hand for the event.


Jocelynn Apps, from Įtłʼǫ̀ School shares learning materials from the Little Green Thumbs program.


France Benoit, a local Yellowknife food producer, attends the Grow NWT conference.


ITI’s North Slave Regional representatives were on hand to share information about the needs of NWT producers


TAA Executive Director, Janet Dean, committed to preparing a conference report to ensure forward momentum for advancement of the sector.


Minister Caroline Wawzonek used her opening remarks to thank agri-food entrepreneurs, farmers, harvesters, food processors, and food allies. The minister also introduced updates to agri-food funding programs scheduled for April 1 of this year.


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Planning for the 2024 conference is already underway to ensure that momentum and relevancy for the new Territorial Agri-foods Association continues to grow.