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Staying Safe This Boating Season

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The May Long Weekend is recognized by many as the beginning of boating season in the Northwest Territories.

It’s an exciting time, but also a time to think about safety on the water.

May 21 – 28 is Boating Safety Awareness Week across Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is joining our federal partners and other governments and organizations across the country in pushing the importance of boat safety awareness and training.

There are five areas of identified focus for safe boating:

  • Personal floatation device usage
  • Avoiding impaired boating
  • Boating course completion
  • Preparedness — both personal and vessel
  • Cold water immersion danger awareness

Many tourism operations in the Northwest Territories include watercraft operation, which requires certification to ensure these tenets are well-understood by operators. The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment helps deliver federally-recognized boat safety training through regional tourism offices.

If you haven’t taken a boat safety course, take it online, order your guide, or contact your regional tourism office.

Tourism operators — if you aren’t sure whether your accreditation is up-to-date, please contact your regional tourism office to ensure compliance.

Have your accreditation? There are still plenty of resources available online to help make our waters a safer place for you and your friends this summer.

Enjoy the water, and stay safe!

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