Support for Artists at Thebacha Trade Show

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May 9, 2018

The Department of Industry, Tourism & Investment (ITI) was a gold sponsor of the recent Thebacha Trade Show in Fort Smith.  ITI sponsored 4 booths to help promote NWT Arts and artists registered with the program.  John Rombough, Levi MacDonald and Cindy Daniels took advantage of the opportunity to display and highlight their work while Melissa Johns, Regional Business Programs Officer, let people know more about the NWT Arts Program.


Whether you are looking for traditional arts and crafts, a contemporary work of art, or a song, film, or book inspired by life in the North, the NWT Arts brand ensures that your purchase was handmade by a registered NWT artist. 


By purchasing NWT art, you can help support a sustainable, local industry.

The NWT Arts Program represents all registered artists of the Northwest Territories.  It is a marketing tool connecting artists with those interested in purchasing NWT art.  Online, or in stores or galleries, the Program helps showcase and increase sales of arts at regional level. 


Melissa Johns at the Thebacha Trade Show promoting NWT Arts

Are you an artist and interested in accessing one of the many supports offered by NWT Arts?  It’s free to register. Click here for more information.