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As post-COVID tourism marketing initiatives set in and travellers return to the NWT, the Department of ITI is encouraging tourism operators to take another look at the Tourism Restart Investment Program (TRIP) before it expires.

Tourism Operators Encouraged to Maximize GNWT Resources for Recovery

Almost $2.7million has been provided to tourism operators and tourism-related businesses as they prepare to re-start or re-set their activities in the post-pandemic tourism environment.

The program which was originally introduced in 2021 has been renewed four times to meet the ongoing needs of tourism operators and businesses.  $750,000 was identified for investment in TRIP in 2022-23. (That includes combined funds of $600,000 from CanNor and $150,000 from the ITI.)


Read Minister Wawzonek’s speech at this year’s NWTT conference in Hay River


Most notably, funding may be available for costs associated with preparing new and/or revised marketing materials, updating websites or establishing e-commerce and online booking systems.

Funding may also be provided to help with fuel or shipping costs associated with re-opening tourism facilities. Certain administrative costs may also be eligible.

In the past, TRIP funding has been applied to updating required safety elements including new-staples like masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.  Others have used TRIP funding to off-set costs associated with recruiting and training new staff.


You can get a detailed understanding of eligible (and ineligible) expenses from the Program Guidelines here.


TRIP will contribute up to 90% of eligible costs to a maximum of $22,500. In all cases, the applicant must contribute cash equity of 10%.

When TRIP was first introduced, it included caps (maximum funding) for each of the areas in which funding was available. For this final application intake, individual funding caps schedules have been removed.  Previous recipients of TRIP funding who have not exceeded the program’s overall funding cap of 22,500 are encouraged to re-apply. 


Download the TRIP application form here