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July 21,2022

Are you interested in becoming a commercial fisher?

As completion of the new Hay River fish plant is just around the corner, there is a growing demand for commercial fishers in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

The Government of the Northwest Territories is working with a variety of partners to revitalize the Great Slave Lake Commercial Fishing sector and to restore its contributions to the NWT economy. Key to revitalizing the fishery, is fostering skill development locally.

In partnership with the Marine Training Centre, Aurora College, and the Northwest Territories Métis Nation, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) will be piloting a training program this fall to qualify and equip participants to work on a commercial fishing vessel.


About The Program

The pilot training program will be based out of Hay River and take place over the course of two weeks (from August 22– September 02, 2022).

Participants will learn about commercial fish processing techniques and gain hands-on experience in open water commercial fishing practices. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be rewarded a Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) certificate.

There is no course fee for this training. Additional funding opportunities may be available through the Department of Education, Culture and Employment’s  Skills Development Program of or the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program  to cover costs related to participation such as travel and accommodation if required.

No experience is required however applicants will be expected to demonstrate their interest in working in the commercial fishing industry.

Interested in applying? See the contact details below for application information. Don’t delay, deadline to apply is August 3rd

To apply for the training program or for any questions, contact:

Richard Moore
Email: Richard_G_Moore@gov.nt.ca
Phone: 1-(204)-430-4503

Efforts to introduce more commercial fishers in the NWT are part of the GNWT’s Strategy for Revitalizing the Great Slave Lake Commercial Fishery. The Strategy aims to restore NWT’s commercial fish sector in the interest of NWT fishers and foster greater diversification in the NWT economy.