Welcome Back Parks Officers – the Ambassadors of our Territorial Parks

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May 15, 2020


With the May long weekend upon us and residents anxious to get out of their homes, Parks Officers will be performing patrols in most regions to encourage the respectful and safe use of NWT Parks facilities and to ensure proper COVID protocols are being practiced.

NOTE:  Territorial campgrounds and rental facilities remain closed to overnight camping but you can still enjoy trails, day use areas and green spaces in and around our facilities.

Once a firm date has been established to open NWT campgrounds, we will share it. Follow NWT Parks on Facebook for the latest updates.

This year, in addition to fulfilling their roles as parks ambassadors, enforcing the NWT Parks Act, and monitoring for fire safety, our parks officers will also be enforcing the Public Health Act within our parks - including monitoring outdoor gathering and physical distancing practices.

COVID 19 has reminded us that safety is a shared responsibility. And while our parks officers will be patrolling, here’s a list of things that you can do in the interest of everybody’s health and safety.

  • Limit your gatherings to ensure proper physical distancing and do not share food and beverages.
  • If you plan on using a picnic table use a disinfectant cleaner; to clean before and after use – and bring a table cloth.
  • Practice good hygiene; bring hand sanitizer, keep coughs and sneezes covered and plan to take your garbage out with you.
  • Avoid touching surfaces; handrails, picnic tables and playground equipment
  • If the Day Use Area is busy and if you can’t maintain physical distancing, come back another time.

Let’s work together to keep parks open, safe and accessible.

The GNWT recently released the “Emerging Wisely” plan that details the milestones and agenda for easing public safety orders in the coming months. Read the full plan – including parks plans – here.