NWT Parks Visual Identity Standards

NWT Parks Visual Identity Standards

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NWT Parks Brand Downloads – The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, is responsible for administration of the Visual Identity Standards for NWT Parks, and can also provide advice and assistance in applying the Program. Connect with your GNWT Contact for access to these files or contact Parks@gov.nt.ca

About this Guide

NWT Parks Visual Identity Standards will support the development of marketing and promotional initiatives of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s Tourism and Parks division. These Visual Identity Standards are a resource intended for use by both NWT Parks Headquarters and Regional NWT Parks units in the development of future marketing and promotion of NWT Parks.

The purpose of these NWT Parks Visual Identity Standards is to ensure that the approved NWT Parks brand elements are applied consistently and cohesively across all communication materials and products. These Visual Identity Standards are intended to be dynamic, meaning they can be edited and updated in the future as needed.

NWT Parks Brand

Northwest Territories Parks offers safe, welcoming, and comfortable camping or day-use experiences. Surrounded by wild northern landscapes our parks are strategically located alongside beautiful natural tourist attractions. We leverage a system of wilderness infrastructure to enhance the rustic beauty of the natural surroundings. NWT Parks offers genuine northern hospitality, and to visitors and locals alike that come to seek adventure, explore the wilderness, make unforgettable memories, and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

The NWT Parks official logo and brand were inspired by and are a reflection of all that NWT Parks represents: northern landscapes, natural surroundings, adventure, and serenity. The NWT Parks brand can be applied in conjunction with the GNWT Logotype with Signature where applicable as outlined in the Parks Visual Identity Standards but will exclude all other GNWT Visual Identity Program elements.