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Approved NWT Diamond Manufacturers

As part of its Diamond Policy Framework, the GNWT offers this Approved status to manufacturers who meet specific standards and experience, and have the desire to manufacture the highest quality government certified diamonds as part of this prestigious program.

Approved NWT Diamond Manufacturers employ trained and skilled professional cutters who pass the high standards and rigorous certification testing set out in the Occupational Standards of the Department of Education, Culture and Employment. This program is a world-first for the diamond industry.

Approved NWT Diamond Manufacturers must enter into a Monitoring Agreement with the GNWT, as stipulated in the Diamond Policy Framework. The purpose of the Monitoring Agreement is to ensure the manufacture of rough diamonds allocated for use by Approved NWT Diamond Manufacturers takes place in the NWT.

This monitoring agreement states that ITI will conduct ongoing reporting, audits, and inspection reviews on a regular basis to ensure compliance of these terms.  Additionally, Approved NWT Diamond Manufacturers may choose to participate in a Certification Agreement.