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The Client Service and Community Relations (CSCR) Unit is the consistent first point of contact within the GNWT for those navigating matters of non-renewable resource exploration and development in the NWT.

The Unit is in place specifically to assist and connect industry, communities and governments to build mutually beneficial working relationships maximizing economic opportunities in responsible resource exploration and development.

Who does this unit assist?

  • Clients from the minerals, oil and gas industries
  • Clients from Indigenous governments,  communities and organizations  who are interacting with the  resource industries
  • Internal government clients

What do they do?

CSCR helps industry clients to:

  • Navigate the NWT’s regulatory system with advisory pathfinding  services

  • Understand the communities in which they do business
  • Effectively engage with communities by providing advice and expert guidance

CSCR helps communities across the NWT by:

  • Acting as a liaison between communities and resource companies
  • Coordinating government-to-government, public, and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Building local relationships to better understand the wants and needs of NWT communities
  • Partnering with other government organizations, non-profits, and other groups to enhance understanding of the  resource industries and their activities in the NWT

CSCR helps internal government clients to:

  • Get connected with resource industry clients
  • Enhance their understanding of resource industry activities 
  • Effectively engage with communities in the NWT

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Angela Balsillie - 867-767-9208 Ext. 63150

Mark Paddey - 867-767-9208 Ext. 63154

Karlene Gordon - 867-767-9208 Ext. 63156

Mike Byrne - 867-444-9644

Norma Harris - 867-445-9495

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