Indigenous Capacity Building (ICB)

Indigenous Capacity Building (ICB) is a program designed to help the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) determine how to best support Indigenous Governments and Organizations build capacity in and understanding of the Northwest Territories (NWT) resource sector. This includes how the sector functions, how it is regulated, and the benefits resulting from resource exploration and development.


Funding applications will be accepted in the following three categories:

  1. Strategic Planning and Capacity Building Activities
  • Intended to develop regional resource plans, policies, or strategies with regards to resource exploration and development in the NWT. Examples include workshops, meetings, sessions, or other related capacity building activities.
  1. Training and Educational Opportunities
  • Virtual and in-person courses aimed at increasing knowledge of and enabling participation in the resource sector. Examples include prospector training, Mining 101 courses, career development, etc.
  1. Attendance at Conferences and Tradeshows
  • Assistance may be provided to a maximum of $2,500 per attendee per conference. The application may be for up to two attendees per conference. The maximum funding available to any applicant under this category is $5,000 per conference to a maximum of $15,000 per fiscal year.

Other than for conference and tradeshow attendance, applicants may receive a maximum of $25,000 per fiscal year. Applicants that receive funding must complete their funded activities within the same fiscal year that they receive funding.

This is a mandate item that falls under Increase resource exploration and development through a commitment to enhance Indigenous participation in the resource sector as well as a pillar under the Mineral Development Strategy.

For more information on applying for the program, please see the Guidelines and Application Form at the bottom of this page.

For further assistance, contact the Client Services and Community Relations Unit by

email at or by telephone at (867) 767-9209 and press #9.