Micro Business

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This program provides funding to licensed artists, crafters, filmmakers, commercial renewable resource harvesters, and small businesses who need a little bit of funding to get their projects to sustainability.

Funding Available

Under the Micro-Business program, up to $6,000 drawn over three years, can be provided in four categories:

  • Purchasing tools and equipment to increase the quality or quantity of production related to arts and crafts or the traditional economy.
  • Purchase of raw materials for the production of traditional arts and crafts.
  • Purchase of film making equipment.
  • Purchase prospecting supply, equipment and other expenses directly related to prospecting activity
  • Other self-employment activities.

There are minimum Equity Requirements, these are determined by community:

  • Group 1 communities (Yellowknife, Hay River, Fort Smith, and Inuvik) – 30% of project costs
  • Group 2 communities (all other communities within NWT) – 20% of project costs

This program does accept sweat equity in certain circumstances.


Funding is available from April 1 to March 31st annually.


NWT Residents and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

It is strongly recommended that you contact your regional Economic Development Officer to discuss your idea prior to the development of your proposal.

Complete an application form and attach all required documents identified in the application checklist.

Submit the completed application form to your regional office.

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