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Mining Incentive Program

The Northwest Territories (NWT) Mining Incentive Program provides funding to prospectors and exploration companies who propose new exploration projects or are already carrying out NWT mineral exploration work

The Program is intended to stimulate and sustain mineral exploration activities throughout the NWT and reduce the risk associated with grass roots mineral exploration - exploration that is vital to a healthy, sustained, and productive mining industry.

It is an initiative of the Northwest Territories Mineral Development Strategy (MDS) and was developed in response to the findings of the Stakeholders Engagement Panel. The Mining Incentive Program is modeled after successful incentive programs offered by other Canadian juridictions.

In 2017,  funding for the program was increased from $400,000 annually to $1 million in order to better support the future of exploration in the Northwest Territories. 

This program is facilitated by the Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS). View the full program description and download all relevant forms here.

View the attached document for 2017's recipients.