NWT Arts Program

What is it?

The NWT Arts Program promotes arts and fine crafts to local, national and international markets. Program registration is free to all NWT artists including those in traditional and contemporary visual arts and fine crafts, performing arts, literary arts and film/new media.


By registering for the NWT Arts Program, artists and arts organizations can connect with customers through unique branding and marketing opportunities on the NWT Arts website. The NWT Arts website provides information to the customer about how to connect directly with artists and learn Where to Buy NWT Art.


Among the Program’s objectives is to increase awareness and sales of authentic NWT art and increase demand for products in the marketplace. NWT Arts aims to educate the customer about the value of artwork by NWT artists, to support the price point of handmade artwork in the marketplace.

 The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment has created guidelines for the use of the logo to ensure and protect the quality, point of origin and distinctiveness of the products it represents.

 To learn more about the NWT Arts Program and to register, visit NWTArts.com