Yellowknife Agriculture Businesses Collaborate for NWT Frozen Meals

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September 3, 2020


In Yellowknife, two unique agriculture-based businesses are leveraging their skills, specialities and strengths for a unique NWT-spin on frozen meals. 

The individual elements of this extraordinary collaboration operate in specialized agriculture niches: urban farming and culinary arts.  They have come together to create a unique frozen culinary experience with a distinctly NWT flavour.    

You can buy the frozen meals at Yellowknife Farmers Market shoppers, but it’s the story behind the creation of each meal which is truly northern. 

Boreal Flavour:  The catalyst for the endeavor is Etienne Croteau, an energetic chef and flavour connoisseur.  He is the creative mastermind behind Boreal Flavour (aka Flavour Trader).  Etienne’s passion for the culinary arts and his use of fresh local ingredients is the inspiration behind the flavour-packed meals.  These meals are loaded with home-grown flavours (vegetables, herbs and spices) and are in high demand at the weekly Yellowknife Farmers Market. 

Le Refuge Farm:  Etienne has partnered with inspired urban farmer, France Benoit, owner and operator of Le Refuge Farm. France grows and contributes more than 20 types of vegetables, herbs and berries to the pre-packaged meals.  Her Kam Lake and downtown-Yellowknife locations make up approximately 6,000 square feet of raised beds, garden rows, small greenhouses, rock gardens and containers. 

  Together, Boreal Flavour and Le Refuge exemplify the agricultural synergy that is possible when NWT agricultural businesses come together to add value to each business.


ITI has been happy to support the growth of both agri-food businesses with Agriculture-focussed Programs and Services and its participation in the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.