Central Mackenzie Valley Oil and Gas Rights

The Petroleum Resources Division provides the current state of oil and gas rights within the Norman Wells area of the Northwest Territories. This data is current as of March 2023.

As of 2021, there will be new versions of the regional map with a Title_URL added to the PDF filename. This notation is to identify versions of the map that provide page links pointing to the Oil and Gas Licences (Titles) page. 

If you hover your cursor over the LAND_CODE field where the titles/licence codes are listed and move down the list, you will see that the link changes based on which Oil and Gas Licences web page the licence can be found. These links will take you to the corresponding licence page in a new window or tab.

Downloadable Maps

The maps are cropped tabloid 11 inches x 17 inches (27.94 cm x 43.18 cm) in size, saved at 300 and 600 dpi from ArcGIS Advanced 10.5.1. There are two formats available.

  1. The Central Mackenzie Valley NWT Oil and Gas Right Map in TIF format saved as PDF (3 MB < 1 minute to download at 1Mb/s) contains no individual objects or text, it is simply an image of the map.
  2. The Central Mackenzie Valley NWT Oil and Gas Right Map directly saved from GIS environment in GeoPDF format (3MB < 1 minute and 10 MB ~ 1.5 minutes to download at 1Mb/s). This map is a GeoPDF with the ability to turn layers on and off and determine the latitude and longitude position of any point on the map using the Analyze Tool in Adobe Acrobat. The map has vector points, lines, polygons, text labels and annotation as well as text in the legend. The end user can also measure perimeter, length and areas using the Analyze Tool in Acrobat Professional. For a more lengthy description of how to use the Analyze/Analysis Tool please refer to the current areas for expression of interest page. This map allows for full print reproduction and content searches within Adobe Acrobat. Note: some layers with transparencies are merged with the background and cannot be individually turned off as this is a limitation of the export process.