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Gestion des droits relatifs aux produits pétroliers

Rights Issuance

ITI provides industry with opportunities to obtain exploration rights in the onshore of the Northwest Territories. The exploration rights are issued pursuant to the Petroleum Resources Act

In general, the rights issuance process is as follows:

  1. Expression of Interest by communities and industry
  2. Request for input from communities and other government agencies and departments
  3. Call for Nominations/Expressions of Interest
  4. Call for Bids
  5. Issuance and management of Interests

Companies are invited to submit Expressions of Interest to obtain the rights to explore the oil and gas potential of parcel within the onshore areas of the NWT at any time throughout the calendar year.  The Expressions of Interest received by the Petroleum Resources Division will be recorded and maintained, and the identified parcels will become the basis for the next rights issuance process for oil and gas rights in the NWT, which will be held on a regular basis.

The deadline for submitting an Expression of Interest in order to be considered for the next rights issuance process will generally be in the early part of the year.  Once closed, there will be a 60-90 day period in which Petroleum Resources Division will conduct a thorough review of the parcels submitted.  In addition to this review, consultation with those Aboriginal governments and organizations in which the nominated parcels are located will take place to ensure there are no reasons as to why these parcels cannot be made available for oil and gas exploration rights.  From end to end, the rights issuance process could take as much as six months to complete.

In moving to a set schedule for this process, companies will have a clear sense of when the NWT will be considering a Call for Bids process, allowing for better work planning for both interested stakeholders and those government departments that are involved in the various steps of a rights issuance process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

For more information on the rights issuance process for oil and gas rights in the onshore areas of the NWT contact the Petroleum Resource Division in Inuvik at oilandgasrights@gov.nt.ca.