Tourism Product Diversification and Marketing Program

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This program provides funding to re-invent, improve or expand your tourism product and operation to meet future market demands by providing funding for business planning, product development and packaging as well as marketing.

Funding Available

Schedule 1: Business Planning and Transition Assistance

  • Up to $25 000 is available per applicant.
  • Funds may be applied toward the development of business plans to enhance an existing tourism product or develop a new product with the intent of increasing revenues for an existing Tourism Business and attracting new visitors to the NWT.
  • Costs may include consulting fees and costs for business plan development, or costs associated with consulting related to obtaining a Tourism Operator Licence.
  • Equity requirement of 15% including Sweat Equity.

Schedule 2: Product Development and Enhancement

  • Up to $250 000 over one or multiple years. Recipients who receive up to $250,000 will be able to re‑apply again after five years have elapsed from receipt of the contribution.
  • Funds may be applied towards the development of a new tourism product or the enhancement of an existing product with the intent of attracting new visitors to the NWT.
  • Costs may include Start-up, capital acquisition, skills upgrading, services or amenities upgrading, website development, or development costs associated with product offerings.
  • Equity requirement of 15%.
  • Up to $10 000 in existing equity (capital infrastructure for which no previous contribution funds have been received from the GNWT) and/or sweat equity may be applied towards the project.

Schedule 3: Marketing Assistance for Tourism Businesses

  • Up to $10 000 per applicant.
  • Funds may be applied towards marketing projects.
  • Costs may include travel to trade shows, brochure/pamphlet development, launch campaigns, or development/modification of websites.
  • Equity requirement of 15%.
  • Any other information requested by the economic development officer during the application process.


Application deadline January 17th, 2024


The following are encouraged to apply:

  • NWT Businesses, economic development agencies, and communities.
  • Aboriginal Organizations.
  • Potential aboriginal culture tourism ventures.

How to apply

It is strongly recommended that you contact your regional Tourism Development Officer to discuss your idea prior to the development of your proposal.

  1. Complete one of the following application forms:
  2. Send the completed application form to your regional office.