Commercial Fishery Support Program (Pilot Program)

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The Commercial Fishery Support (CFSP) pilot program aims at creating new jobs and opportunities for fishers in the NWT by helping to defer costs, supplement prices, and encourage recruitment.

Available Funding

The CFSPP has three priority streams for successful applicants:

1. Responsive Incentives and Supports

  • Fuel rebate - Commercial fishers will be paid $0.10/lb (or 10 cents per pound) based on volumes delivered to an NWT fish processing plant or sold domestically. This rebate is added to the fisher’s regular payments by the receiving plant; or by application for those selling domestically.
    - This amount is subject to seasonal review and may change.
  • Volume incentive - This incentive would be paid at the end of the open water fishing season. All commercial fishers wanting to participate will provide proof of catch volumes through the fish plant records or domestic sales receipts.
    - This amount is subject to seasonal review and may change.

    The incentive formula for the 2023 summer season is:
  • 50,000 lbs - $2,500 at end of season
  • 75,000 lbs - $5,000 at end of season
  • 100,000 lbs - $10,000 at end of season
  • 150,000 lbs - $15,000 at end of season

The once-annual volume incentive does not limit fishers from access other existing ITI funding programs or rebates.

2. Increasing Sector Participation

  • Out of Territory Recruitment Incentive - up to $30,000 to pay experienced commercial fishers from outside the territory to participate in the NWT sector.
  • Emerging NWT Commercial Fishers – up to $30,000 to pay newly established NWT-based fishers to improve the probability that they establish or continue to participate in the fishing industry.

3. Research and Sustainability

  • Up to $20,000 for projects that introduce technology, equipment, processes and techniques that will increase the sustainability, productivity, safety and efficiency of commercial fisheries in the NWT. Projects must demonstrate the potential for broad based benefits across the sector.


Applications are accepted until March 31 or until the program budget has been allocated.


Eligibility varies according to the CFSP priority stream and emergent initiatives.

The following recipient types have been identified as eligible for funding under the CFSP:

  • Commercial Fisher
  • NWT Industry Organization
  • NWT Research Body/Institution
  • NWT Indigenous Government
  • NWT Indigenous Organization

Applicants who are just starting commercial activities should demonstrate relevant experience and a capacity to engage in the sector, for example through access to equipment, licenses and permits.

Commercial fishers must hold:

  • a valid commercial fishing license and
  • vessel certificates if applicable

How to apply

Complete an application form.

The following information will be needed to complete the application form:

  • Applicant or business information and licensing
  • Project details
  • Estimate costs and sources of funding

For more information, read the Application Guidelines and

go to:

For questions, please contact ITI’s Economic Diversification Division by email at sends e-mail) or by telephone at (867) 767-9219 ext 63080.