Applications close February 14th for the Community Tourism Coordinator Program!

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January 31, 2023

Community tourism coordinators help develop local tourism development by promoting and coordinating local services like accommodations, local cuisine, parks, and recreation to host tourists visiting the community. They help highlight opportunities to experience Indigenous traditions, arts and crafts, world-class fishing, incredible wildlife, and the natural wonders of the Northwest Territories.

The Community Tourism Coordinator Program provides funding (up to $50,000) for organizations to hire and maintain community tourism coordinators to develop sustainable and marketable tourism products and packages in NWT communities.

Qualifying organizations in NWT communities are community-owned or governance organizations.


Community Tourism Coordinator – Want One?


For more information and to apply, visit the Community Tourism Coordinator Program page.

The support and development of local tourism ventures are key to creating a sustainable and marketable tourism industry in communities, diversifying our economy, and creating jobs.