Aurora Love Film Showcased at Tourism Conference

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November 8, 2019

In the Northwest Territories, the worlds of tourism and film often intersect, and yesterday was no exception.

On the final day of the NWT Tourism Conference, delegates were treated to a special showing of the film Aurora Love. The film made its NWT-debut earlier in the week at the Yellowknife International Film Festival. It’s described as “Part romance, part adventure and part spiritual quest, Aurora Love tells the story of two Japanese couples who travel to Yellowknife, NWT in search of the northern lights. Aurora Love is about looking for love and meaning in a dark winter world.”

It was a natural fit for the conference, which was centered around the theme of transformative tourism.

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The cinematic moment (complete with popcorn) was brought to the conference by ITI’s NWT Film Commission.

“There is a transformative power in film as well as tourism,” says NWT Film Commissioner Camilla MacEachern. “Aurora Love was the perfect film to share with our territory’s tourism industry because the experiences they provide to their guests are powerful, sometimes far more than we realize. It’s exciting to see this insider view of a tourism experience and to see that story getting shared with broader audiences.”

Produced by Yukon filmmakers Teresa Earle and Fritz Mueller and shot in Yellowknife and Japan, Aurora Love is latest successful recipient of the NWT Film Rebate Program.