Dehcho Woman Joins up to Push Economic Development in Region

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June 14, 2019

The Dehcho now has a new face pushing economic development in the region.

Dehcho woman Ramona Hardisty-Gillis joined the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment as an Economic Development Officer last month – and has hit the ground running.

Ramona was born and raised in the NWT. .  Her familiarity with government in other roles, and her intimate knowledge of the region as a Dehcho local means Ramona will be a big asset to the team. 

Over the years, she’s gained experience in everything from fuel resupply to financial planning. This knowledge is sure to be a resource to which clientele across the Dehcho will turn.  

In addition to her dedication to the public service, enjoys participating in local sports teams, volunteering, and camping or travelling in her spare time.

The spectacular rivers push her to get out on the boat as much as possible to enjoy the beauty of the region she calls home.

But it’s the people of the Dehcho she cherishes most. That’s why she’s eager to support new local economic development opportunities and help more people in the region find success.

It’s an essential role for communities around the Northwest Territories – one guided by the priorities of the Economic Opportunities Strategy setting the path towards a more diverse territorial economy.