Development Practitioners Come Together For Strong NWT Economy

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December 6, 2018

Leaders in local economic development came from all corners of the NWT for two days of training, networking, and guest speakers this week in Yellowknife.

This was the Northern Economic Development Practitioners conference — a biennial gathering of business and economic development officers from governments both territorial and federal, and their non-governmental partners who deliver programs and services.

The conference was geared towards economic diversity, entrepreneurship, and how they can enhance the territory’s economic fortunes.

On the agenda were talks on the budding knowledge economy, building creative economies, and managing client services for success.

Minister Schumann delivered remarks thanking the attendees for their work thus far, and encouraging them to take back their learnings and lead the charge towards innovative solutions for the NWT.

Guest speakers included representatives from MDB Insights — a leading management consulting firm. They delivered workshops providing a toolkit for growing creative economies, and a roadmap for business retention practices.

Representatives from GNWT delivered talks on the state of the territory’s economy, the budding knowledge economy, cannabis in the NWT, and accessing capital for business growth.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment Tom Jensen shared some thoughts on the value of the conference.

“Bringing together funders, economic development practitioners, policy people and program deliverers is so important to the development of the sector that together supports the development of new business opportunities.” he explained.

“There are 33 communities spread across the NWT’s enormous landmass.

Our dedicated network of economic development practitioners is one of this territory’s greatest assets.

The work you do as advisors and pathfinders supporting new business, start-ups, identifying resources including things like business planning and advice, capital, marketing support is critical to success in diversifying the overall economy”

The conference is co-hosted by the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency.