EIA Airport Display Updated with Art from the South Slave Region

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February 1, 2019

A series of art from the South Slave Region has made Gate 72 of the Edmonton International Airport its home for the next year.

The NWT Arts display case has featured annually-rotating collections of regional art in the busy terminal for the past 4 years – Dehcho, Beaufort Delta, Sahtu and South Slave respectively.

Photo (from left to right): Dennis Hudson – Screaming Eagle Carving from Dall Sheep Horn, Julia Pokiak-Trennert – Embroidered, Beaded and Moose Hair Tufted Vest with Caribou Bone Buttons, Dene Fur Clouds – Knit Sheared Beaver Accessories with dyed Rabbit Trim

Johanna Tiemessen, Manager, Arts and Fine Crafts, said, “The display is meant to bring awareness to the diversity of art made in the NWT.”

The information plates offer opening facts on the NWT, the South Slave Region and the artists, and go deeper into the backstories of the pieces. This includes the process, history, and cultural significance. “We’ve provided the audience with the artist’s story of their work – communicating the quality and value of the piece.” 

The display also connects the audience to the artist through NWT Arts’ website and has been getting steady inquiries during its four years in the airport.

Travelers can catch other displays at Gate 7. These displays feature art from all over the NWT.

Photo: Gate 7 display

Photo: Gate 7 display

Photo: Gate 7 display

The Edmonton International Airport hosts over 8 million travelers annually.

This NWT Arts initiative is just one way the GNWT is working to promote NWT products to international markets.