Extended Season Offered at Blackstone Territorial Park

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Adventurers who want to spend Thanksgiving camping in an NWT Park will now have the chance. Most NWT Campgrounds close for the season today (September 15), but this year access to Blackstone Territorial Park has been extended until October 15.

The extended season for the Dehcho Region Park is a pilot project to gauge interest and demand. Aurora viewers and hunters are expected to make up the majority of visitors during the extended season at Blackstone Territorial Park.

The extended use of NWT parks facilities is one way that the GNWT is fulfilling its commitment to expand tourism options in support of regional and community economic development.

“During this time of year visitors will be able to see Aurora and stars overhead while camping, and with the Liard River and the Nahanni Range in the background it’s something special to take in,” says Jennifer Thistle, Manager of Tourism and Parks in the Dehcho Region.

End of NWT Park Season

NWT Parks had another successful season this year and initial numbers appear to be up over last year. Official statistics will be available in the coming months. This year, NWTParks.ca also staggered the opening of its campground booking-feature to accommodate the high traffic and number of bookings.

Events and activities offered throughout the parks continue to grow as well. Inuit games and throat-singing, canoe rides, art activities, tea and bannock, BBQs, educational hikes, and outdoor music were just a few of the highlights this summer.