Forks Up for Canadian Agriculture

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February 22, 2021

Tomorrow is Canadian Agriculture Day.  It is a day to showcase all the amazing things happening in Canada’s agriculture industry and to increase consumer awareness to where food comes from and the people who produce it.

All this week your invited to “raise a fork” to the food you love and the people who produce it!

Did you know there are between eight to ten farms operating at a commercial scale (more than $10,000 in annual gross sales) in the NWT and directly employing over 20 Northern residents either full-time or seasonally?

Commercial farms operate in each region of the NWT with the largest concentration of farms located in the South Slave Region.

In the NWT, residents have long responded to the unique challenges of producing fresh, safe and healthy agricultural products in the North’s unique environment. There exists today a diverse variety of food growing initiatives across the NWT including farmers markets, community gardens, greenhouses and commercial enterprises.

Do you have a favourite way to enjoy local food? Do you have some fabulous recipes using local food?

Celebrate Agriculture Day by cooking an all-NWT meal and posting a photo of it to #CdnAgDay.

For more ideas of how to celebrate, or to learn more, visit Canadian Agriculture Day

Where can you get locally produced food in the Northwest Territories?

  • Some grocery stores stock local food choices. (Some restaurants also serve them.)
  • Ask a local farmer or producer if they have any direct-to-market programs that you can support.
  • Check freezer, fridge or pantry.  Did you harvest or grow any of your own food this year?

As part of Canada’s Agriculture Day (Feb 23), Agriculture More Than Ever will bring together people involved in Canadian agriculture, food and agribusiness for a virtual chart to discuss opportunities for Canadian agriculture and food and how Canada can live into its potential as a global food supplier.

You can listen to this event for free but pre-registration is required. Click here to register for Canada’s Agriculture Day Virtual Fireside Chat