Fort Liard Feeds Their Gardens.

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August 16, 2022

Feed the Garden Compost and Soil Workshop -
Fort Liard, June 6 – 7, 2022

Another Feed the Garden Compost & Soil Workshop was held in Fort Liard, inspired by a previous workshop held in Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ at the end of March, 2022. 

This workshop was coordinated by Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI)’s Dehcho Regional Office Staff who have worked closely with the community of Fort Liard in Agriculture for many years beginning with the Growing Forward Projects, by assisting in establishing the Community Garden, and working with the students at the Echo-Dene School, the Acho Dene First Nation, Hamlet of Fort Liard, Elders and residents who were interested in learning more about Food Security.

The Feed the Garden workshop was about composting and learning about the different ways to make soil, ways to compost and how to use fertilizer and compost in a hands-on method.


Kim Rapati teaches the class on a number of composting topics

Classroom instruction included:

  • Demonstration of Worm Composting
  • Compost & Soil Information
  • Soil Testing
  • Equipment (recycled or innovative uses of everyday items re: logs & wood)
  • Food Waste Material (how to use what is already available to build healthy soil)

Hands on instruction included:

  • Building a trudge bed for a local elder
  • Build a composting bin for the community garden and prepare a potato bed
  • Building a natural garden bed for the seniors complex



Edwin Jose rototills the community garden potato bed


Participants screened natural soil was which was separated and mixed with fertilizer, manure and Peat moss to create healthy soil.


Unpeeled logs were made to fit together as a base to be used to make a small garden for the Senior Citizens nine plex.

This was an opportunity for the community members to drop in to the Recreation Centre, share a meal and talk freely about their concerns, questions and curiosity about the Canadian Agriculture Partnership and Northern Food Development Programs with ITI and initiatives which will be occurring this summer.

Feed the Garden was enjoyed by all, from the teachings, sharing, weather to the wonderful people in the community of Fort Liard.

Thank you to the residents of Fort Liard who came by to share their ideas and stories, especially to the participants who rolled up their sleeves and enjoyed the hands-on labour and experience. 

Many Thanks to:

Jack Yeadon, Community of Fort Liard
Kayla Deneron, Community of Fort Liard
Marlene Matou, Community of Nahanni Butte
Destiny Ekotla, Community of Nahanni Butte
Nathan Wilson, Recreation Coordinator, Hamlet of Fort Liard
Brittany Berreault, Caterer