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Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk Pens First Film Policy

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Tuktoyaktuk’s pingos, permafrost freezer and Arctic Ocean coastline are just examples of its unique visual allure.  With the increased profile and access that the completion of the Inuvik-Tuk Highway will bring, film producers and media companies are lining up to capture the sights and sounds of this unique and spectacular part of our North.  

Tuktoyaktuk is readying itself to welcome this influx of interest from the film industry.  The Hamlet has collaborated with the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s (ITI) Film Commission develop it’s first-ever film policy.  The policy addresses subjects like local spending, safety, promotional opportunities and respectful practices for filming in the Hamlet.   

It’s an exciting step in the right direction, says NWT Film Commissioner, Camilla MacEachern.  “Film productions today are looking for certainty, clarity and agreed-to terms to ensure that there are no surprises.  We plan to use Tuktoyaktuk’s Policy as a template for other NWT communities and show production companies that the NWT is ready and prepared for their projects.”

Tuktoyaktuk’s Senior Administrative Officer, Bill Beamish, initiated the policy for one primary reason: “We want film companies to come to Tuktoyaktuk.  It provides direct employment benefits for our people, contracting opportunities and benefits for our businesses; and it enables us to promote tourism and our Inuvialuit culture and traditional ways of life.”

The Hamlet is developing a website which will include the Film Policy.

The NWT’s film industry is a growing sector and contributes almost $9.7 million to the territory’s GDP.  Through partnerships and collaborations with local governments, organizations and industry, the NWT Film Commission is promoting the NWT as a destination for guest productions that will serve to advance the growth and capacity of local industry members.  Increased activity in film generates benefits in other sectors of the economy – including tourism.