Have Your Say on Mineral Resources Act Regulations

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The Northwest Territories’ (NWT) first Mineral Resources Act (MRA) was passed by the NWT Legislative Assembly in 2019.

Unlocking Our Potential: NWT Passes New Mining Act

Northern leaders, working together as the Intergovernmental Council (IGC), are now working to identify and develop the regulations that will be needed to bring the MRA into force. 

It is an exciting and historic opportunity to establish an approach to mining in the NWT that that is respectful and inclusive of NWT interests and reflects the vision and priorities of NWT residents for their future.

On behalf of the Government of the Northwest (which is a partner in the IGC), the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI), is coordinating face-to-face engagements with leaders, stakeholders and organizations representing those most involved and impacted by mining in the NWT.

Once this initial step is completed, required regulations will be more-fully developed and drafted and a formal public Consultation of all proposed regulations will then take place.

If you would like to know more about this work, or would like to contribute to it in some manner, you can visit the GNWT’s Have Your Say public engagement portal.

Once in force, the MRA will address all aspects of mining; from the exploration and discovery of minerals, through the development, construction and operation of a mine – and to its eventual closure and remediation.