Hay River’s Riverside Growers expand market reach to Yellowknife grocery stores

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June 15, 2020

Direct from Hay River, Yellowknife produce shoppers now have fresh NWT-grown greens and herb options available at Yellowknife restaurants and grocery stores. 

The 5-acre Riverside Growers farm is owned by the family of Alex McMeekin and Cynthia Mandeville.  The McMeekin-Mandeville family has been developing the family farm business since 2016 and has offered their products in local Hay River grocery stores for the past three years.  Now with a new expansion to their 5,200 sqft greenhouse, which was partially funded through ITI, Riverside Growers is now in a position to expand its market reach to include both Hay River grocers and Yellowknife grocers and restaurants. 


In previous seasons, Riverside Growers had typically operated for about 5 months of year, but with the new expansion, the farm can produce fresh greens longer.  The family operating the Riverside Growers intends to push as far as possible past summer, and depending on sales and support, they hope to run all winter.

The family currently grows and sells a wide range of agriculture products, such as:  salad mix, basil (cut and living), dill, chives, cilantro, green leaf lettuce, butterhead lettuce, romane, kale, watercress, swiss chard and mint. 


Hay River and Yellowknife shoppers can now purchase salad options at the following NWT grocery stores and restaurants:

  • Super A grocery store in Hay River
  • Independent Grocers in Yellowknife
  • Yellowknife Co-op
  • Weaver and Devore
  • NWT Food Services
  • Copperhouse Eatery
  • NWT Brewing Co.


Riverside Growers has previously accessed funds though the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Program through the Government of Canada and the Food Development Program through the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment.

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