Indigenous Tourism Conferences Roll On In Łutselk’e

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May 2, 2019

In April, the community of Łutselk’e became the latest to host a conference aimed at identifying and advancing Indigenous tourism product development opportunities.


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The two-day workshop pulled together leaders and experts from community leadership, the GNWT, and the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada to provide seminars on key topics related to tourism development. 

With the community on the verge of becoming co-stewards of one of the country’s largest park reserves in Thaidene Nëné, the gathering was timely. An update on the development of a tourism strategy for the community highlighted preparations that will position the community to benefit from economic opportunities in the park.

The Łutselk’e conference is the last in a series co-sponsored and facilitated by the GNWT’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. The event was funded by the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada.

Day one focused on developing memorable Indigenous tourism products, hospitality, and risk management for those working in the tourism industry.

Day two included a seminar on getting tourism businesses ready for national and international marketplaces by finding their niches, and packaging their experiences the right way.  


Through its implementation of the Tourism 2020 strategy, ITI is investing in the NWT tourism sector to foster greater development and diversity in local and regional economies.