Job Fair Hits Yellowknife

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August 14, 2019

NWT residents looking for work and organizations looking to hire them come together at the Explorer hotel on Thursday, August 15 from 1-3pm during the annual Yellowknife Job Fair.

The Yellowknife Job Fair has been a conduit for job fulfillment for many years. With its return, you can expect many industry leaders to be there, wooing potential employees.

The Department of ITI’s North Slave Regional Office will once again participate in the job fair to promote the development of small businesses as an employment alterative – and to showcase the programs and services available to new entrepreneurs.

The fair will also provide an opportunity for the Department to highlight and solicit interest from individuals interested in working as Parks officers.

HR Managers, recruiters and hiring companies can expect to see hundreds of attendees including: professional adults, newcomers, temporary and permanent foreign workers, skilled and landed immigrants along with local and international students from the Yellowknife and surrounding areas. 

With more open jobs than there are potential employees, job occupancy in the NWT is quite the opposite of our counterpart provinces and the Job Fair is essential in helping fill vacancies. 

A healthy vibrant population is one of the most important investments that can be made to stimulate opportunity in the NWT economy.