Geothermal Workshop Presentation as part of the Yellowknife Geoscience Forum

Leading Thinkers On Geothermal Energy Spark Conversation in Yellowknife

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November 26, 2018

With the momentum and success of the 2018 Yellowknife Geoscience Forum to build on, the NWT Geological Survey (NTGS) hosted some of Canada’s leading minds in a full day workshop on geothermal energy in the North.

On the docket was an overview of geothermal systems, drilling technology, engineering, and the economics of geothermal projects.

It’s a topic highly-relevant to the NWT. Oil and gas reservoirs often also hold geothermal potential as the locations in which each are found share a many similarities. Given the NWT’s well-known oil and gas reserves, geothermal is a natural step in the discussion.

Geothermal Workshop Participants Talking

Participants engage with the material during the session

The session — held November 23 — was targeted for professional development. A diverse range of participants from across the North and Alberta were on-hand. Nearly 50 people took part in the workshop, with five guest speakers joining to share their insights.

A panel session at the end sparked lively conversation running the gamut from geoscience and engineering, to business and economics.

Speakers included Dr. Maurice Dusseault, University of Waterloo; Dr. Jasmin Raymond, Institut national de la recherche scientifique; Dr. Grant Ferguson, University of Saskatchewan; Dr. Steven Grasby, Geological Survey of Canada; and Dr. Catherine Hickson, University of British Columbia.


Geothermal Workshop Panel in the Northwest Territories

Speakers take part in a panel discussion

Kathryn Fiess, Manager of Petroleum Geology for the NTGS, said the workshop was a success. “I’ve been to a lot of workshops during my long career. It’s tough for me to think of many others with this much enthusiasm,” said Fiess. “People appreciated the variety and depth of expertise that was provided by each of the guest speakers.”

The workshop offered yet another example of the work that is completed by the NTGS to enhance understanding of geology in the NWT, and what it could mean for the economy, environment, and energy systems of the territory.

The event was coordinated in conjunction with Geothermal Canada, and co-sponsored by the NWT and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists, the NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines and the Government of the Northwest Territories.