Ten Stone Mountain Lodge

Luxury Mountain Lodge Gets a Helping Hand from Tourism Program

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December 20, 2018

Set to open in the summer of 2019, North-Wright Airways’ Ten Stone Mountain Lodge at Hay Lake has attracted adventure seekers who desire a luxurious twist.

Accessible only by float plane, this self-sustaining cabin features three bedrooms, four beds, private half-bath, full kitchen and giant windows to take in the spectacular views wherever you are in the cabin. Solar power allows for hot water and electricity, but guests can still get that feeling they’re “roughing it” with their top of the line, eco-friendly outhouse.

It’s a land of and endless outdoor adventure. There are no roads, no traffic, and no other inhabitants other than your neighbours, the local wildlife.

“This has been a dream project of ours for many years now,” says Travis Wright — President of North-Wright.

“When you’re at the cabin, you have room to breathe. It’s fully furnished inside, lush wilderness outside. There is nothing around but evergreen woods and crystal-clear waters. And the occasional moose or caribou you can watch from the 14’ viewing deck,” Manager Susan Wright adds.

Ten Stone Mountain Lodge Deck View

Photo: The view from the Ten Stone Mountain Lodge deck. Credit: Susan Wright

“Over the years, there has been a high demand for this type of product that just didn’t exist. Visitors and residents alike wanted a secluded mountain cabin that they can use as a headquarters for hiking, photography, wildlife viewing and a place to just get away. Up until now, the only overnight outfit that supplies experiences that closely resemble this product is hunting operators and their focus is predominately hunting.”

Ten Stone Mountain Lodge is just one of many success stories from businesses who have accessed the GNWT’s Tourism Product Diversification and Marketing Program (TPDMP).

The TPDMP is designed to help operators re-invent, improve or expand their tourism offerings to meet future market demands. Funding is available for business planning, product development and packaging as well as marketing.

Learn more about the TPDMP here

Susan says, “The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s Sahtu Regional Office was an invaluable source of guidance for us. They really wanted to see this project succeed and went above and beyond to ensure it did.”

“The funding and guidance helped us develop the business plans, marketing plans, timelines, etc. in a way that they’re being fully used.”

“We could not have done it without the support of the GNWT,” said Travis.

Once operations ramp up, Susan and Travis believe the cabin could be part of other tourism experiences — guided alpine hiking, photography workshops, corporate retreats and more. “We see it as a business opportunity for us and the wider NWT tourism industry,” said Susan.

Ten Stone Mountain Lodge Mountain View

Photo: View of the lake and mountains from the lodge. Credit: Susan Wright

The cabin comfortably sleeps six people; they’ve also constructed tent pads near the cabin with plans for more pads, enhanced dock system, outdoor saunas and more.

The TPDMP is part of Tourism 2020 — the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s strategy defining how the GNWT will invest in a stronger tourism industry for the NWT.