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Mapping Our Potential: The Next Generation

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November 27, 2018

Young northerners are breaking new ground and getting geoscience information out to NWT residents.

Meet Rebecca Canam and Dawson Stone — two Yellowknifers studying at universities in the South and who have been working for the Northwest Territories Geological Surveys (NTGS) over summer.

Dawson and Becca presenting their thesis

Photo: Dawson and Rebecca during their thesis presentations.

This year , Rebecca and Dawson independently collected data for their undergraduate thesis projects and presented their research at the 2018 Yellowknife Geoscience Forum. 

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Dawson, a Sir John Franklin graduate and current University of Alberta student, spent seven weeks helping to map bedrock and investigate various mineral deposits. It informed his undergrad thesis, which focuses on obtaining relative ages of some of the oldest rocks in the Northwest Territories.

Dawson in the field.

Photo: Dawson in the field

Rebecca, a Physiology Graduate from McGill, is currently pursuing her second degree at UBC in Geological Sciences. She spent a several weeks in the field mapping at both the Jolly Lake and the Nonacho Lake projects. She has taken this experience and findings and applied it to her undergrad thesis on the structure, origin, and age of a unique rock formation.

Rebecca in the field.

Photo: Rebecca in the field.

NTGS continues to train and support the next generation of geoscientists in the North and is fostering  excellence in the next generation of home-grown geoscience talent.