Media Association Holds Inaugural Expo

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The Northwest Territories (NWT) media arts industry was on full display as practitioners came together in Yellowknife to demonstrate just how far this nascent industry has come.

The NWT Professional Media Association (NWTPMA) organized the expo on June 24 at the Museum Café.  The focus of the expo was the business of media and the various ways the industry contributes to the NWT economy.

Presentations were delivered by industry leaders Jay Bulckaert, Kirstin Carthew, Pablo Saravanja, Amos Scott, Terry Woolf, and Carla Ulrich.

These presentations were complemented by demonstrations of projects underway across the NWT and the cutting-edge techniques and technologies used by media practitioners.

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s NWT Film Commission provides funding to the NWTPMA in fulfillment of action items identified in Take One: a Film Strategy and Action Plan for the NWT designed to build capacity within the local film industry.

Additionally, building NWT production capacity is listed as a commitment in the mandate of the 18th Legislative Assembly.

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