Mining Incentive Program Funding Recipients for 2022-2023

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July 14, 2022

The Mining Incentive Program (MIP) has announced recipients for the latest round of funding for exploration projects in the NWT. Sixteen project applications were successful and have been awarded funding for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

The program provides funding to prospectors and exploration companies for both grassroots and advanced exploration projects. The MIP stimulates and sustains mineral exploration activities in the NWT that are vital to a healthy mining industry.

The MIP typically leverages private sector to public sector investment at a ratio of 3 to 1 (October 2021)

An evaluation committee reviewed and scored project proposals with funding awarded to the highest scoring applicants.

Under the Corporate category, successful applicants are:

Arctic Star Exploration     Diamonds       North Slave                   $168,000

Fireweed Zinc                   Zinc                Beaufort Delta/Sahtu    $132,000

Gold Terra - Campbell Shear  Gold         North Slave                   $132,000

Gold Terra - Nib North      Gold                North Slave                  $60,642

Golden Planet                   Gold                North Slave                  $129,344

Kennady Diamonds          Diamonds       North Slave                   $136,800

NICAN Resources            Nickel              South Slave                  $67,879

Nighthawk Gold                Gold                North Slave                   $124,800

Redbed Resources           Copper           Dehcho                          $136,800

StrategX Elements            Cobalt            North Slave                    $120,000

Voyageur Exploration        Rare Earth Elements     North Slave    $22,349


Under the Prospector category, the successful applicants are:

Danny Yakeleya              Gold                           Sahtu              $17,500

Dave Nickerson              Uranium                      North Slave     $6,840

Dave Webb                    Gold                             North Slave     $11,690

Jared Suchan                 Diamonds                    North Slave     $20,000

Ryan Bachynski             Rare Earth Elements  North Slave     $15,784


In total, 11 Corporate projects received a total of $1,230,614 and five Prospector projects received a total of $71,814, for a grand total of $1,302,428.  All MIP-funded work must be completed by the end of March 2023.

Mining Incentive Program (MIP)

The MIP was launched in 2014 to help increase levels of mineral exploration in the NWT and is administered by the Northwest Territories Geological Survey. The 2022-2023 program supports the GNWT mandate goal to attract and support both early-stage and advanced exploration projects.

The MIP has been oversubscribed every year, with the total funding requested consistently more than twice the available funding.


Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS)