National Canadian Film Day Recap

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April 25, 2019

National Canadian Film Day was celebrated in Yellowknife and Hay River on April 17th this year.  Elijah and The Rock Creature was the film of choice for both communities and was filmed in various locations in the South Slave.  The film Grizzly’s, a Canadian feature, and the short film Sapsuckers, about the Birch syrup farm near Yellowknife, were also shown in Hay River. 

Popcorn in hand these three are ready to watch Elijah and the Rock Creature in Hay River

The Association franco-culturelle de Yellowknife also offered a free showing of Bon Cop Bad Cop in celebration of Canadian film. 

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                                Spotlight on NWT Film

ITI's Film Commission is proud to support artists in this industry as part of our work to grow the territory’s film industry, as envisioned in Take One: Northwest Territories Film Strategy and Action Plan.

As a liaison to key contacts and service providers, communities, production companies and the GNWT, the NWT Film Commission works with industry professionals seeking to capture the images and sounds of this spectacular land and the wonderful people who live here.

Did you miss National Canadian Film Day?  Don’t worry, click here to see a listing of filmed in the NWT shows, movies, and shorts and make tonight an NWT Film night, just add popcorn.