New Economic Development Officers in the Beaufort!

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May 7, 2019

There are two new faces in ITI’s Inuvik regional office that you should meet – especially if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner.

We’re proud to welcome Yvonne Dimaano and Holly Campbell to the Beaufort Delta team as Regional Economic Development Officers.

Yvonne Dimaano

Some people may remember Yvonne from her time as a casual Economic Development Officer in 2017. 

Originally from the Philippines, Yvonne moved to Inuvik when she was 16, she says her new “home town” gives her a sense safety and belonging; along with the healthy work-life balance that she was looking for following the completion of her Bachelors of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting.

Yvonne has worked in various government departments and the private sector – and spent time with the Western Arctic Business Development Corporation.  She’s looking forward to getting her hands on projects that could have a positive impact on the economic development of the region.

Yvonne Dimaano, Business Development Officer


Holly Campbell

As an Inuvialuk originally from Tuktoyaktuk, and with a family that enjoys attending and participating in local and regional community events, Holly will be a familiar face to many.

She recently finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the University of Lethbridge and has also completed diploma programs in Recreation Leadership and Business Administration with Aurora College.

Holly Campell, Economic Development Officer


Holly’s experience and familiarity with local and federal levels of government and her knowledge of indigenous organizations, will serve her well in her new role.

She says she’s excited to dive in and learn more about ITI and is looking forward to working with the community as part of a dynamic team.  She sees the importance of building relationships with, not only the organizations she works with but, the public as well.