North Slave Students, Teachers hit the Road; Talk Rocks

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October 11, 2017

Students and teachers in the North Slave have a wealth of new knowledge on rocks, minerals, exploration, and mining following a dynamic program delivered in partnership with the GNWT, TerraX Minerals, and Mining Matters — an organization dedicated to delivering education on geoscience and mining to students in Grades 4-12.   

In September, the partnership saw workshops and field trips for both students and teachers at Yellowknife’s Range Lake North School designed to build knowledge on local geology and awareness of how mining and exploration fit into their community.

The field trips included an interpretive geological visit to the Ranney Hill Trail — a well-known hike at the epicentre of the high-potential Yellowknife Gold Belt.  

Back in the classroom, students learned about the properties of minerals, how they are used in everyday items, the mining cycle, environmental activities in mining, and careers in mining and exploration.  

Engaging activities included carving soapstone and crafting pendants from polished amethyst and copper.  In one of the more-popular Mining Matters activities, students learned about environmental permits, taxes, buying equipment and hiring employees before mining rainbow chip cookies.

The Yellowknife visit, funded in part by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, is the latest in a series of collaborations between the GNWT and Mining Matters. The organization has also visited the Dehcho and Sahtu regions to deliver their programs in classrooms.

Programs like Mining Matters are part of the GNWT’s efforts to provide public education about the natural resource industry — a commitment under the GNWT’s mandate for the 18th Legislative Assembly.