Northwest Territories 2021 Oil and Gas Annual Report

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The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) has released its annual Oil and Gas Report for the NWT.
The Northwest Territories harbours vast reserves of petroleum resources. During 2021 over 2 million barrels of total aggregate oil and over 2 billion ft3 of total aggregate natural gas production were produced.
While most production (oil and gas) in NWT comes from Norman Wells and is for export, in the north of the territory the roughly 157 million ft3 of natural gas produced at the Ikhil gas field is used as a back-up system for power generation for the over 3000 people living in Inuvik.
In May of 2022, delegates from ITI attended the Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference in Vancouver to showcase NWT’s world-class reserves of natural gas. Read more.
NWT’s rich reserves of natural gas can be a fuel that burns cleaner than traditional heating oil as Canada’s North transitions to sustainable sources of energy, and can also help countries as far away as Asia reduce their reliance on coal power with its negative impacts on air quality, climate change and human health.