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NWT Arts Share the Stage at Akäda Cultural Festival

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July 13, 2022

The NWT Arts Program (administered by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment), in partnership with the Adäka Cultural Festival, supported a cohort of 13 Indigenous visual artists from the NWT to attend the 2022 Festival in Whitehorse, June 29 to July 5.

The festival was an opportunity for artists to reach a new market and learn new skills to inspire their creations. This festival was also an opportunity to bring NWT artists together from across our vast territory so they can connect with each other and artists from across the circumpolar north; sharing stories and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. The NWT Arts Program is committed to forming partnerships that provide artists with access to economic development opportunities outside our territory and encourage professional development to continue growing their businesses.  

NWT Indigenous performing artists, including the Inuvialuit Drummers and Dancers and the Tlicho Drummers, were also a part of the Adäka Cultural Festival attending with support from the NWT Arts Council (administered by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment). Also well, the Adäka Cultural Festival featured Juno Award Winner and singer/songwriter Leela Gilday, who played a variety of shows during the festival including a spotlight with her brother Jay Gilday as part of their contemporary roots duo, Sechile Sedare. Additional Indigenous visual artists originally from the NWT who were supported by the Adäka Cultural Festival to attend, included Sharon Vittrekwa, Tanis Simpson, Suzan Marie and Tishna Marlowe.

Photo NWT Visual Artists Left to Right: Laska Nerysoo, Catherine Blondin, Tracey Simpson, Elsie Canadien, Dorathy Wright, Margaret Nazon, Debbie Dillon, Taalrumiq (Christina King), Sheena Yakeleya, Antoine Mountain, Lucy Ann Yakeleya, Marlene Tutcho, Tishna Marlowe. Front: John Sabourin.