NWT Artwork has Landed at Edmonton International Airport

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The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) receives approximately 7.5 million passengers throughout the year and now those patrons can view Northwest Territories (NWT) artwork between connections. 

The next time you’re travelling through EIA be sure to stop by Gates 7 and 72 to appreciate the stunning art that showcases our territory to the world.  The displays, which are curated by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI), can be viewed year-round and are replenished with new pieces annually.

The artwork at Gate 7 represents a variety of disciplines from across the NWT - including traditional arts and fine crafts, literary and contemporary art.

The display at Gate 72 highlights one NWT region each year on a rotating basis. It has just been update to showcase the Beaufort Delta Region with handmade mukluks from Sachs Harbour, sealskin cuffs and a headband from Aklavik, and stencil prints from Ulukhaktok. 

A corresponding web page offers interested airport patrons the opportunity to read and learn more about each piece and the artist who created it.

The GNWT has committed to invest in artist to market and product to market opportunity chains for NWT arts and fine crafts.  Like the NWTArts website, the Edmonton Airport displays are working to expand economic opportunities for NWT artists.  This drives economic growth in both the NWT’s tourism and arts sectors.