NWT Dogs “Shame” Their Owners into Keeping Parks Clean

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April 13, 2018


Almost everyone has seen a dog shaming video on YouTube, but dogs in the NWT are turning the tables — they love NWT parks so much, that they’re going to new lengths to ensure their owners keep them clean!


You can see it all go down in a video from the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, where we see how our furry friends really feel when their owners leave their mess in the parks they enjoy every day.


It’s all part of a friendly effort from the department’s regional parks coordinators to encourage off-season parks users to chip in and get our parks ready as the snow and ice gives way to sun and sand.


We take pride in providing world-class parks facilities, and we know NWT residents do too — but everyone needs a gentle reminder from time-to-time on what a difference doing the little things can make.


With parks opening up soon, we’ll be getting ready to welcome the world to our summer paradise. Let’s work together to make sure the best version of our spectacular territory is on display when they use our parks.