Snowshoe Inn  Arts Display - 2019

NWT Parks Push NWT Arts As Camping Season Heats Up

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May 31

As visitors take in our world-class parks this summer, they will be greeted with another of our territories treasures:  local and traditional art.

Parks across the South Slave region have re-stocked their display cases with regionally representative selection of art from NWT artists at

At Twin Falls Gorge, Lady Evelyn Falls, Hay River, and Queen Elizabeth territorial parks, visitors will be treated to art selected from the region’s most prominent artists, while at major road travel junction 60th Parallel travelers will see a selection of artist representing all regions of the territory.

Each display is accompanied by a rack of informative brochures educating visitors on who’s making the artwork, the quality and cultural significance of these local works, and where to buy their own keepsake from their time in the NWT.

This comes as part of a broader effort to update arts displays. Fort Providence’s Snowshoe Inn – another major juncture for road travelers – recently had its information material updated and enhanced, while the Kátł’odeeche First Nation’s display was updated to better identify its community’s artists.

Cross-promoting arts to visitors in the Northwest Territories is one part of the GNWT’s mandate to encourage economic diversity and support artists making an income from their work.

The NWT Arts program, led by the GNWT’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, is responsible for outreach and support for professional artists in the territory.