Programs in Action: Gamètì Cultural Camp Project

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July 2, 2019

Camping is the perfect way for people to disconnect from technology and take a break from the modern world. But cultural camps offer campers a chance to connect or reconnect — to Indigenous cultures, elders and to the land.

The community of Gamètì has opened the doors to their new culture camp. The camp offers an encouraging environment to learn about the beauty and worldviews embedded within Tłı̨chǫ culture, values and traditional teachings.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The vision was a multi-use venue to accommodate different groups for different events and celebrations. It’s now open for business, and for visitors to stay and take advantage of the wide range of services:

  • Boating and Kayaking;
  • Ice Fishing;
  • Fishing;
  • Hunting and Tracking;
  • Hiking;
  • Sight Seeing;
  • Trail Biking;
  • Plant/Berry Harvesting;
  • Cultural Ceremonies;
  • Demonstrations (Hand Games);
  • Traditional Arts and Crafts; and
  • And much more.

The Camp features four bunk houses that can sleep four visitors each and a main building that can host 20+ for meals, meetings and events.

The four bunkhouses at the Culture Camp. Photo Credit: Tisha Heron

Bunkhouse 1. Photo Credit: Tisha Heron

Prisilla Bekale, Deputy SOA, says, “We’re getting bookings that will take us right to the end of fall, which is very encouraging and inspires us to finish the upgrades to the camp.”

The upgrades will include making the camp all season. While the structures are insulated, wood burning stoves need to be installed as well as a cookhouse kitchen. There are also plans for a separate detached shower house.

Main building and future cookhouse situated right on the edge of the lake. Photo Credit: Tisha Heron

“Just recently, an area of the camp was chosen to plant vegetables free for the visitors that will stay in the camp a kind of advertisement to ensuring environmental sustainability.” Says Judal Dominicata, Gamètì’ SOA.

A view from the lake. Photo Credit: Tisha Heron

The funds to make the dream a reality were provided through the Commuity Tourism Infrastructure Contributions initiative – a program delivered by the GNWT’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment.

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The program provides funding for community projects geared to tourism – part of a broader push to build tourism throughout the territory.  

That approach is outlined in the GNWT’s Tourism 2020 investment strategy – already resulting in a tourism industry worth more than $200 million for the territory’s economy.  

If you’re looking to visit Gamètì for whatever reason, the Camp wants to hear from you. They can be reached at (867)997-3441