REDI Tradeshow Visits Hay River

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November 14, 2017

The second Resources and Energy Development Information (REDI) Tradeshow popped up in Hay River on November 9, 2017.

Residents were invited to stop by, ask questions and have discussions with subject matter experts on several themes, including: alternative energy, mineral exploration and mining, petroleum exploration and development, geoscience, environment and natural resources, regulatory and enforcement, and Indigenous affairs.

REDI provides fact-based information about the benefits, risks and potential for resource and energy development in the territory. The intent of the tradeshow-style information is to equip residents with the information they need to make decisions regarding natural resource development.

A small-scale REDI tradeshow is also part of the 45th Annual Geoscience Forum Trade Show, which is open to the public November 16 from 10am – noon at the Multiplex.  


Staff from the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s Client Services and Community Relations unit welcome participants in Hay River.


Hay River North MLA, RJ Simpson visits the REDI tradeshow’s Alternative Energy booth.


Interpretation services in Chipewyan, South Slavey and French were available at the REDI tradeshow.


Staff from the NWT Geological Survey challenged participants in Hay River to match rocks with mineral commodities and the household products that they’re used in, before pinpointing their locations on a map of the NWT.