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Report: Economic Opportunities Strategy Pays Dividends For NWT

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March 14, 2019 

When the Economic Opportunities Strategy (EOS) was developed in 2013, two universally consistent sentiments emerged from NWT residents: optimism and a need for action.

NWT residents saw economic opportunity all around them; from digital satellite technology to hydro development, tourism, communications, agriculture, fishing and the enormous potential of the NWT’s non-renewable resource sector.

What they needed, and what the EOS set out to provide, was the economic environment in which NWT residents could take the lead in identifying, pursuing and realizing these economic opportunities.

On Wednesday, the Minister of ITI Wally Schumann tabled the Strategy’s 2016-2018 Progress and Performance Measures Report.

Of the 117 recommended actions put forward in the EOS, only 1 remains to be implemented. More than 70% have resulted in ongoing improvements and initiatives by the GNWT.

Many of the recommendations within the EOS were reflected in the government’s mandate for the 18th Legislative Assembly.  Others have become part of core departmental business activities. 


  • Since 2014, the number of tourism licences issued annually has increased by 28%.
  • Since 2014, overall visitation to the NWT has increased aby almost 30%.
  • Total visitor spending has increased by 37%.
  • The number of self-identifying artists registered with the NWTArts Program has risen by 78%.
  • While we have seen an increase in artists in all disciplines, our film and media industry has seen phenomenal growth of over 150%.
  • In 2016, our film and video sector contributed approximately $6.7 Million.  That is a 38% increase from 2014.  
  • The number of commercial-vessel fishing licences issued annually has increased by 27% since 2014.
  • Since 2014, the total harvest of fish has increased by 42%; and by 55% in its value.