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October 14, 2022

The nights are stretching out, but the weather is still fine, and the aurora viewing season is at that sweet spot where comfort meets spectacular.

It’s great to have Aurora viewers back in the NWT capital!  But, as visitor numbers increase and days get darker and colder, it will be important for residents and visitors alike, to know and follow safe viewing practices.   

ITI’s North Slave Regional Office has updated their Safe Aurora Viewing locations map. For visitors (and the rest of us), it highlights the best and safest locations to park and enjoy the show, especially along the Ingraham Trail.

On the back of the maps there are also safety tips regarding weather, driving conditions and wildlife awareness.

Map displays in multiple languages can be found at the Yellowknife Airport, Yellowknife Visitor Center, and various Hotels.

In addition to updated maps, this handy QR sheet makes it easy to download a map to your device in one of 6 languages commonly used by tourists; helping to reduce paper waste.

Maps: English | French | Japanese | Korean | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese


In 2018-2019 the last full year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Northwest Territories greeted over 87 thousand tourists, and over 32 thousand business travellers bringing a total of over $210 Million to the economy. Now, as COVID restrictions recede, the doors are open again to this important business sector.