Sahtu Region takes step forward for Film Industry

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October 10, 2017

The majestic landscape of the Sahtu Region is making its film reel debut. The photos and film footage were shot by NWT Film Commissioner, Camilla MacEachern, and Film Intern, Alinar Dapilos, during a location scouting visit to the region in late August.


The visit was a low-cost option that will better enable the NWT Film Commission to promote the region as a possible film location.

“The NWT Film Commission is excited about working with all regions to ensure that all communities and locations are represented in our film marketing and promotion efforts,” says Camilla. “This was a perfect opportunity to explore locations with film and television in mind, and produce a catalogue of materials that can be used by industry and the region.”


A wide selection of film footage and photography was gathered during the visit and captured on the ground as well as from a helicopter, capturing a plethora of terrains and features from waterfalls, mountains, lakes, hills and canyons.

The NWT Film Commission also gained a greater understanding of what the Sahtu Region can offer potential film productions and sought out suppliers for products and services as well as potential locations that could house film crews.


The materials will be used in a new film reel specific to the Sahtu Region. They will also be used in film marketing, social media and the new NWT Film website, set to launch in the coming months.

In addition to usage for film purposes, the photos and film footage are being shared with the Sahtu Region for their own promotion as well as NWT Tourism.


The tour, which was supported by ITI’s Sahtu Regional Office, included stops throughout Norman Wells, including the North-Wright float plane base, campgrounds, shale quarries, tourist lodges, the local farmer’s market and a helicopter tour to the surrounding area.

“We were transfixed by the experience, and I think production companies will be equally intrigued,” Camilla says.

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